Crawlspace Waterproofing

Crawl Space Waterproofing

As part of the NESClean Space Crawl Space System, very often there is standing water that needs to be removed from the crawl space. This is where our specialized NESClean Space water trek system is installed.

The patented NESClean water trek, or aqua trek is designed to transport the water that enters the crawlspace and route it to a drop off point where it is ejected from your home. Designed by Basement Technologies, it is simply the best option for removing the water from your crawlspace. You will have “peace of mind” when your NESClean water trek system is installed in your crawlspace. The system is uniquely designed not to clog while removing high volumes of water.

NESClean Space Water Grabber

Designed specifically to work with the NESClean Water Trek System, the NESClean Space Water Grabber is not just your average sump pump. Powerhouse pumps are available with up to 4,200 gallons of water per hour pumping ability. Our custom made liners can hold two pumps, and also a battery back up pump! Whatever amount of water that enters your crawl space, our NESClean Water Grabbers can get it out fast!

How crawl space waterproofing is done in your home.

After an NESPros technician has inspected and evaluated your crawlspace. He or she will devise a custom plan for your situation. The NESClean Space Water Trek is typically installed around the perimeter inside your crawlspace. This is done prior to application of our NESClean Space conduit. A trench is dug for the Trek to be laid. A layer of stone is placed on the bottom. Then the NESClean Space Water Trek is laid on top, and finally covered with drain stone.

The Trek is directed to our NESClean Water Grabber pump systems. The number of which depends on the plan your NESPros technician has laid out with you.

As water enters the crawlspace area, it will make its way into the Trek. From there it is dumped into the Water Grabber, where it is rapidly pumped outside of your home.

Custom Solutions

4" drain pipe and stone is also an option for you crawlspace.  Often times, drain stone is hauled into the crawlspace to raise the floor level and assist in drainage.  4" drain pipe is another option as well.  Battery backups and double pump systems can be used along with other customized solutions to provide you with the best possible crawlspace!



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