Crawlspace Encapsulation Systems

NESClean Space Crawl Space Systems

Dirty and nasty crawl spaces are common in many homes and present unique problems for the homeowner. Dirt inside the home transmits humidity, odors, and radon gas, providing rodents and insects and easy path into the house.  Humidity/ moisture can cause damage to the house structure, foundation, framing, carpet, walls, etc.

An unfinished crawlspace can be a major health hazard, and also a waste of possible storage space. Not to mention bad to look at!

What are some options for my crawlspace?

Many crawl spaces are done the old way, with air vents in the block walls and a layer of poly sheeting (plastic film) on the ground. This is simply not adequate for todays homes.  Those vents can allow bugs, insects, and rodents into your crawlspace.  Also much energy can be lost through these vents in the summer and winter. In the summer time, humid air will enter the crawlspace and could cause mold or structural damage to your home.

Some homeowners might consider pouring concrete over the floor, but in a home that is already built this is often impractical and unrealistic.  Also in some cases will still not solve the problem.

Through modern advances in building science and wisdom, we have learned that a completely sealed and enclosed with mechanical ventilation or dehumidification is the rule, not an option!


By having NESPros install a NESCLEAN Space encapsulation system, your crawl space will be sealed, and clean.  This will help ensure that your home’s air quality and cleanliness will be greatly improved.



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