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Other Basement Waterproofing Services

NESPros offers other products/services that compliment our Basement Waterproofing and NESCLEAN Space Crawl Space Systems.  Here are some options.  Ask your NESPros representative for more information.

Baseboard Aqua Route

NESPros is able to adapt to different footing configurations and slab types.  When the basement floor is hard and thick, and it is impractical to open the floor, the Baseboard Aqua Route, another Basement Technologies product is the best change of plan. When installers run into a monolithic poured slab, very thick floor without floor cracks, or rebar reinforced floors, the job can continue and your basement waterproofing can continue to be done.  Covered by the same lifetime warranty, NESPros can get the job done.

Bubbler Pot

When water is dispensed from your basement or crawlspace via your interior drainage system and Water Grabber, you don't just want it dumped straight onto your lawn. The bubbler pot is installed to assist the water to seep slowly into the ground without pooling.

Freeze Stop

Our systems exit the house above grade and travel downward into a drain pipe to the bubbler pot in the yard. The Freeze Stop is a uniquely designed expander with air gap to keep the water from freezing and backing up into your basement or crawl space.

Curtain Drain

It is common for homes, at the base of hills or inclines to have water pool at the foundation.  In Northern Michigan, this often happens in spring, or during a heavy rain storm. It has no where to go so it often penetrates the foundation and enters your basement or crawl by seeping under the siding and plywood and over the foundation.  NESPros uses Basement Technologies patent-pending product, the Curtain Drain to take the threatening water and route it away from the home.

The Alternator

During the winter, it can be common to have 3-5 feet of snow piled up on the lawn. Water is pumped from your interior drainage system through the Freeze-Stop and into the Bubbler Pot in the yard. Sometimes with the frozen ground it is possible for the water to pool up in undesired areas.  This is where the Alternator comes in. This allows you to temporarily direct the water to a location of your choice.



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