Crack Repair

Basement Wall Crack Repair

Poured foundation wall cracks can generate water leaks that will get on the basement floor. This can be in addition to a leaky footing / wall joint. NESPros has the solution to your problem wall cracks.

This product uses a patent pending hydrophobic membrane with an injection process. If water enters the treated crack, (and most, if not all is prevented by the injection process) it will be repelled into the system below.

Current industry crack injection methods fall short of the TECHNI-CRACK method. TECHNI-CRACK and process is patent pending and manufactured by 1-800-BUSY-DOG Basement Technologies and NESPros is an authorized dealer. The TECHNI-CRACK method eliminates the need for further repairs and provides a lifelong solution. To your leaky wall cracks. It works best in combination with your NESPros Interior Drainage system.

  • The crack is sealed with a special concrete sealant. This will stop the leak.

  • The TECHNI-CRACK hydrophobic membrane is sealed over the crack.

  • The membrane is sealed and directed into our interior drainage system or a drywell under the floor.



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