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Our Process

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NESPros NESCLEAN space conduit!



NESCLEAN Space Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems


Products and materials

NESPros has searched far and wide to find only the best products and materials to use for your crawl space encapsulation.  We are a licensed dealer of Basement Technologies.


The NESCLEAN Space Conduit, or Crawl Space Conduit is a super tough 20 mil thick barrier.  A good barrier for your crawl space will not only keep moisture and odor out, but will also be able to withstand the toughest abuse.  Our NESCLEAN Space conduit is made of outer layers of white high strength polyethylene film, laminated together with a black layer of molten polyethylene.  Both outer layers contain UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to assure long life.  They are designed to reduce heat buildup and condensation and to provide excellent dimensional stability.  A layer of polyester reinforcement placed between these plies greatly enhances tear resistance and increases service life.  It’s heavy duty diamond reinforcement responds to tears immediately by surrounding and stopping the tear.

Free crawlspace inspection!

NESPros NESCLEAN space conduit!

NESPros also has available a 90 mil Crawl Space Conduit!  This zero perm, heavy duty 90 mil liner stops the infiltration of moisture and soil gases with ultimate durability in mind.  It’s foil backed side is aluminized to diffuse soil gases.  The polyethylene side gives the liner its strength, while the closed cell foam between layers provides insulation.  Helping to reduce energy costs.  It is also antimicrobial, meaning it will not support mold growth.

Don’t settle for gimmicky “thicker” liners, or so called better processes.  Thicker isn’t always better.  NESPros only uses proven and best quality products and techniques to proved the best possible solution for your crawlspace.


Our technicians are trained to provide the best quality installation with attention to detail of your NESCLEAN Space Crawl Space Encapsulation System.

The NESCLEAN Space conduit is measured and cut to fit not only the ground of your crawl space but completely up the concrete or block walls.  We overlap the seams approximately 6″- 12” and doubleseam with a super strong custom made seam tape, and double sided tape.

For obstacles such as furnaces, water heaters, columns, etc, it is applied and sealed so as to keep a tight clean seal.

The NESCLEAN Space conduit is attached to the block/concrete at the sill, or sometimes directly to the sill with custom fasteners.  The perimeter is also completely sealed to the structure with a strong urethane caulk/sealer.

The NESCLEAN Space conduit is pulled as tight as possible to look neat and clean.

Some trim options are available under certain circumstances for an even cleaner nicer look.


Other things to consider in your crawl space encapsulation is waterproofing/drainage, and mechanical ventilation/ moisture and humidity control.  Continue to read for further information about NESCLEAN Space Water Trek system, NESCLEAN Space Water Grabber, and NESCLEAN mechanical ventilation systems.

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