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Moisture Control

Moisture Control

Odor Control

Sometimes a dehumidifier is not the only solution for your crawl space.  There are other moisture control options.  Your NESPros technician can help you come up with a solution for your situation.


Bonaire is great solution to work with or instead of a dehumidifier in your crawlspace.  The crawlspace Bonaire, by Basement Technologies is designed to remove dampness and odor from your crawl space.

A Bonaire system can not only clean and freshen the air in your crawl space, but also greatly increase the air quality of the entire home.

The Bonaire works by drawing air from the living area of the house.  It circulates through the crawl space and is vented outside the home.  This provides complete circulation of the air inside your home and crawl space.

The Bonaire is highly efficient and only runs on about 31 watts of electricity (approx.. 2 dollars per month).  Just set the humidistat and leave it alone.


Another solution is the HUMID-EVAC.  The HUMID-EVAC can be ideal for an encapsulated crawl space in certain situations. 

In a tightly sealed crawl space, the HUMID-EVAC removes moisture and odor from under the NESCLEAN Space Conduit.  It is evacuated outside the home.

  • Installed using our NESCLEAN Water Grabber Liner as a large collection point for the sub-membrane air, the liner is sealed and draws air from under the membrane. This always works with and is recommended to be used with a full perimeter NESCLEAN Water Trek System.
  • Ventilation can be further increased by a small hole in the piping called the “AGE” (above grade evacuator).
  • Extracting the dampness and odor from below and above the membrane gets to the “root” of the problems and ensures a clean and fresh crawl space.

Talk with your NESPros technician to determine the best course of action for your crawl space.


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