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Other Crawl Space Services


NESPros can provide other services to custom tailor your NESCLEAN Space Crawl Space Encapsulation System.  Be sure to ask your representative what is best for your crawl space.


NESPros can custom insulate your crawl space perimeter walls.  Experts have shown and learned that insulation in between the floor joists of a homes that has a crawl space encapsulation system is not a good idea.  There is a higher likelihood for condensation in between the surfaces, as well as limiting the air exchange capability of the crawl space.

At NESPros we can apply rigid foam board to the perimeter block or concrete of your home.  This works exceptionally well in combination with the NESCLEAN Space Crawl Space Encapsulation System.  The foam will be installed behind the NESCLEAN Space Conduit around the perimeter on the block or concrete.  The conduit will be sealed and fastened to the block/concrete to provide a well sealed, and insulated perimeter.  The crawl space vents will be sealed with rigid foam as well.

The space in between the joists, around the perimeter of the house (band board) are then filled with either rigid foam board and expanding foam, or fiberglass insulation and can be sealed with expanding foam if necessary.

Contact your NESPros representative to come up with a custom insulation plan for your crawl space today!

NESCLEAN Space Crawl Space Drainage Mat

Sometimes our specialized NESCLEAN Space Crawl Space Drainage Mat can greatly assist and enhance your NESCLEAN Space Crawl Space Encapsulation System.

The drainage matting is rolled onto the floor of your crawl space under the membrane.  One of the benefits of this is added cushion and protection at the base of the crawl space.

The main benefit of this is water drainage.  Especially with a complete NESCLEAN Space Crawl Space Encapsulation system consisting of a NESCLEAN Water Trek, Water Grabber, Conduit, and HUMID-EVAC.   With the unique design of the matting, any water that is underneath is transferred to either the NESCLEAN Water Grabber, or Water Trek.  With a HUMID-EVAC installed, the moisture can be drawn towards the pump.

Ask your NESPros representative if this is right for you today!

NESPros Crawl Space Cleanup or Repair

If you would just like your crawlspace cleaned up or cleaned out, we can help you with that.  NESPros is available for cleanup of your crawlspace.  We can remove that old nasty insulation, junk or vapor barrier.





NESPros Crawl Space Refresher Service

This crawl space was previously encapsulated by another company. The homeowner asked us to clean the space and recommend any repairs necessary.

Is your crawl space already encapsulated?  Call NESPros today and we will give you a free inspection.  We can offer recommendations and clean/refresh your encapsulated crawl space.  We have the skill and knowledge to diagnose problems and offer practical solutions.


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