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Interior drainage system

Interior drainage system– Water Trek Aqua Route

Water Trek Aqua Route

NESPros uses a patented product call the Water Trek Aqua Route made by Basement Technologies.

Patented interior drainage system and waterproofing customized for your home. NESPros

…the most effective system on the market today— bar none!

It is a unique and highly effective system that can be “custom tailored” to each basement water problem and footing configuration under the floor.  It addresses water from both sides of the footing and can be installed in most any situation.

Independent and company research prove that basement water threatens entry to the living space in front of the footing, and also the footing/ wall joint.  The Water Trek has slots on both sides to accommodate this.

Identifying your footing configuration is key for your NESPros technician.  We can custom tailor your system based on your footing and foundation configuration.  Beware of those that don’t properly understand the unique setup required for each type of footing.  It is imperative for a successful outcome of your basement waterproofing project.

The system that we install is a two-piece system.  The design allows it to hug walls and channel water from the wall above and the footing below, through the drainage system and outside of your home.

NESPros uses a greatly superior pump system called the Water Grabber.  The Water Grabber liner, installed properly can hold two pumps and a battery backup pump.  Your NESPros design technician will recommend the location and number of pumps needed for your basement.




Call NESPros today for your free inspection.  Your representative will present you with a custom waterproofing plan specific for your basement!



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